Awesome Fishing Charters Struisbaai

Awesome Charters is the premier saltwater fishing charter operating out of Struisbaai harbour. We use a 28ft Butt Cat and the best fishing equipment to provide you with the finest deep sea fishing experience at the southernmost tip of Africa.

About the area

Struisbaai is an old fishing village situated 4 kilometers from Cape Agulhas which is the southernmost tip of South Africa. The bay itself is a picturesque natural harbour that is ideally suited for water sports and especially offshore fishing. A trip out to sea from Struisbaai harbour takes you past the South African headland and into the fertile waters where two of the worlds greatest oceans meet ~ The Atlantic Ocean and The Indian Ocean.

Awesome Fishing Grounds

The Agulhas Bank extends 250 km off the the coast of Struisbaai and creates a large area of shallow water before falling off sharply to the Abyssal plain. The Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet over the Agulhas Bank and bring with them an abundance of nutrients that supports a wide variety of marine life making this one of the best fishing grounds in South Africa.

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